laced wyandotte personalities


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6 Years
Mar 6, 2013
I have blue laced red wyandottes. Every rooster I get is sweet as pie. I have 1 gold laced wyandotte rooster seems a bit more bold at 6 months. Then I have silver laced wyandottes, hens that are all AGRO!!!! also 6 months.

Are the blue laced ones just nicer personalities? Even my hens are sweeties and are the same age and I have one roo that is 2.
Have never had blue or golden laced Wyandottes, but having had silver ones I can confirm that "ARGO!" is an appropriate description for them.

If what you suggest is true I know another breed of chicken I'd like! Not that there's anything wrong with my silver Dottie, I love her too.

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