Laced Wyandottes?


9 Years
Jan 30, 2010
I see Silver Laced Wyandottes everywhere where there's wyandottes it seems! But I can rarely find Gold Laced apart from hatcheries. Are people just much more enthralled with the Silver laced?
I have a few golden laced wyandottes and I love them!! All Wyandottes are lovely in my eyes, but the silver is the original wyandotte, so maybe everyone has one because they've been variety around the longest? (I think that's right about them being the original wyandotte!)
I have had golden laced Wyandottes before. I got them from a hatchery and they were really bad looking. Nothing to write home about, but they were very good winter layers and that's what I wanted them for.
I love Wyandottes too, I think they're my favorite breed!
I never heard of Silver being the original, though. I should look that up.

Ooh. :x If I get GLW, I'd want to be able to breed them so no hatcheries for me.
The winter layers are what I wanted 'em for too! Too bad mine are gonna hatch after winter.
We have silver laced instead of gold laced because for some reason my family likes silver lacing better. . .
Even though we have plenty now, and absolutely no gold laced birds.
I am trying to order some now, and he said it might be difficult, so I think they have them at is still a rare variety. Nice birds though! If you do a search on this forum for wyandottes, you'll find some great posts!
Trying to get Partridge? I've only seen the coloring in one other place, so rare indeed!

And I should go search around again for wyandottes. But after I design a new coop. x] Thank you again for showing me Paul's.
I think it might be a matter of trends too... When we got our first Wyandottes all we could find were GLWs, then a few years later we got some SLWs, and today it seems everyone has SLWs and few have GLWs... It also seems to me that a lot of people "moved on" from GLW to BLRW

BTW, from what I've read of their history you're correct in that the SLWs were the originals, then whites originated as SLW sports and GLWs were developed. And then some...

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