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    I am on about 10 acres of land and lived here all my life. My parents moved here to get away from "urban" life but now it has caught up with me. I am surrounded by subdivisions and work in dog rescue. Had chickens all my current ones are mostly rescues. People get fowl (as well as other animals) and then realize they are too much trouble or forgot to check the local laws and neighborhood rules and cannot keep them. Anyway I recently acquired a gorgeous male Lady Amherst Pheasant (with clipped wings) and after doing some research, I found that they will breed with chickens, turkeys, peafowl, etc. Problem here is that there are a LOT of hawks around (they already got my 2 bantams, I stick to large breed now). My chickens and pygmy goat have about 1/3 acre with a 6 foot chain link fence, the base buried in concrete so I've never had an issue with anything other than hawks. I would love to keep this beautiful pheasant but hate the thought of a hawk getting him and the area would be difficult to cover with chicken wire as it is so large. I thought about sectioning off part of it but worry that he may not do well alone. Just wanted to see if any of the pheasant people here have suggestions. I have never even seen one, much less owned one so excuse my ignorance on the subject. Thanks!
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    I don't know what research would say a pheasant will breed with chickens,turkeys and peafowl.It surely wasn't a pheasant site as we as pheasant breeders like to keep birds pure.Pheasants should not be kept or even near chickens as chickens can carry diseases they can handle but over time will kill a pheasant.Your best bet is to find someone that can house him properly and keep him from dinner from a hawk.
    In N.H.,Tony.

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