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I just got a Male Lady Amherst this past weekend and he is with some of my smaller chickens right now and there are some 12 wk ringneck chicks for sale in the area. So my question is can I get a female ringneck chick for company for him or are the breeds too different. Thanks for any info. I have never had a pheasant before.
1st--- Get Him Away From The Chickens Or He May Get Ill--- This Happens A Bit-- Pheasants Are Susceptible To Chicken Diseases And Will Readily Sucumb To Them While His Roommates(the Chickens) Show Absolutely No Signs Of Illness.

2nd Do Not Mix Amherst With Any Other Breed. They Will Interbreed And Thats Bad. He'll Be Fine By Himself Or With His Own Breed. If You Must Get Him A Roommate That Is Not An Amherst Make It Another Male And They Both Must Go Into A New Pen To Be Introduced To Each Other At The Same Time Or Fighting Will Ensue. (this Is Also A Good Practice With Introducing Hens Too) As Well As Breeding Season May Bring Fighting.

Congrats On The Lovely New Addition--- Enjoy!
These species have been known to cross rarely, but shouldn't be an issue outside of the breeding season. In the spring and summer, just cook the eggs and all would be fine.
I have a lone Amherst male sharing an aviary with an Elliot's hen, he does seem to enjoy the company. You can keep birds together without breeding them pretty easy, is a mainstay at most AZA zoos!!

Thank you for the responses, the lady I got him from had him with all her chickens and other fowl, but I am going to be putting him in his own area, from what I have read on this website. Dont worry if I get any female they wont be allowed to hatch eggs, I made that mistake with a few of my chickens this spring and became over run with chicks, now the eggs barely have time to hit the nest! Thanks again.

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