lady Amherst ? plz help im loooking at getting some

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    Plz tell me everything u know about them like how many egss they lay can u take them and they will lay eggs ? How to raise the baby's when do the lay were u live I live in nc also info on the best way to rase them like pen also can they good with other farm an mails and anything u can tell me thank u also is 85 for a 2 year old pair good price
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    Feb 22, 2015
    For one are they easy to keep also how many eggs do they lay and if u take the eggs will they keep laying also the laying season when do they start laying also how big of a space do I need for them also can I put them with peacocks or turkeys prob not just want to ask I want to be informed before I get any cause I want to raise them right u know also anything else u think I mit e need to know
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    They are very easy too raise.Of course they need to be in a covered pen(either wire,wood,metal roof,an apron around the perimeter to keep out predeators,perches at least 2 feet down from the top of the pen so something can't reach down and grab them.Their clutches are 6-12 eggs per clutch.They will triple clutch in a season if you take their eggs.There maybe a little times in between clutches where they will not lay.Now before laying season which you should do now,give them some vitamins and electrolytes in their water to give them a little boost as laying eggs knocks the heck out of them.They should start laying late march early april.They can be housed with peafowl,but I would not house them with turkeys(just my own thought on the turkeys).They need to be wormed twice daily.I do mine in Feb before breeding season and again in August after hatching season.After you worm them,you have to worm them again 10 days later to kill the cycle of worms.
    Should be fed gamebird feed and given treats whenever you feel like it but don't over do it with the treats,maybe 2 times per week will do.
    Even a small kibble dry dog food is good for them as it contains more nutrition then grain feed.
    In N.H.,Tony.
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