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5 Years
Dec 11, 2014
Eleveur de paons et faisans en France
Je viens d'obtenir un male Lady Amherst mutant
En Europe il est appelé Lady Argenté (Silver)
Aux USA il serait nommé Lady diluted ????
Je cherche de la documentation
Origine ? Genetique ? etc

Breeder of peacocks and pheasants in France

I just get a male Lady Amherst mutant

In Europe it is called Lady Silver (Silver)

In the USA it would be called Lady diluted ????

Looking documentation

Origin ? Genetic ? etc.​
Merci pour votre réponse
Je cherche de la documentation sur son origine
Serait il un hybride résultant du croisement d'un Lady classique et d'un Isabelle ( faisan Golden Yellow)

thanks for your answer
I am looking for documentation on its origin
Is it a hybrid resulting from the crossing of a Lady and a classic Isabelle (yellow pheasant GoldenPass ..... !!!!!!!)
Clifton Nicholson Jr. Stated it took him many years of selective breeding to achieve these, but the base breeding started with a yellow golden crossed with lady Amherst.
He also did dark throated into Amherst. I wonder if he would try for salmon Amherst? Cinnamon would be interesting as well, but it would take a dedicated, ruthless breeder to ensure unwanted birds are culled.

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