Lady Grey


Mar 31, 2021

There sits Lady Grey on her favorite roost in the world. My wife's camp chair. She sometimes is even willing to share "her chair" with my wife.

Lady Grey is quite different that the rest of my flock with her gray facial features and lack of a comb. She also tends to stay away from the rest of the flock. Margaret Hatch will also chase her off when the flock is feeding.

Just for grins I did a picture search on her picture today and a "similar picture" was of a Black Wyandote. Indeed I have suspected fowl play on the part of Tractor Supply in that Nugget and Lorelei look quite different from the rest of the flock as well (pictures later if I can get them to sit still.)

I'm wondering, do I have a hybrid? Lady Grey has the iridescent feathers of Margaret Hatcher. TS had the label "Midnight Majesty Blue Marans" on the rack when I bought them as chicks. Does Midnight Majesty Blue Marans even make sense?

Love my girls anyway...

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