Lady is a Laddie? Metzer Mis-Sexed Duckling?


Jul 27, 2020
Hello everyone!

I don’t have a specific question, more just insight/advice. I currently have a mixed breed flock, consisting of three females and one male. In October I took the plunge and ordered two females from Metzer. From what I read 5:1 would be a perfect flock. Those two ducklings are now over seven weeks old and my Welsh Harlequin has fully developed her quack. Honestly she started making “quacks” around the 4 week mark. My other “female” duckling is a fawn and white runner, and still nothing. She continues to peep, with zero signs of a deepening quack. Also lately her quack has started to get a bit hoarse-y, just like my drake.
Has anyone had any experience with Metzer mis-sexing their ducklings? Do you think at this point I should just drop the act and start calling her and him? Or is there still hope? Additionally what am I going to do about my flock ratio? If Lady (yes that is her name, I was soooo sure she was a girl) turns out to be a Laddie, then I’ll have a 4:2 ratio. I love all my ducks dearly and getting rid of any is NOT an option. Honestly, Lady is my tamest. “She” will sit on my lap for hours, maybe she’s just apt to be a house duck. (To add on, I do think she’s partially blind as she has always had a severely underdeveloped eye... so maybe being a house duck with visitation to the others is what might be best.)
Thanks everyone!
She is so sweet. And she’s actually taken to wearing a diaper. I’ll put her in it and she’ll run around normally. Her sister Sugar freaks out though, and attacks the diaper while Lady is wearing it. 😂 I just don’t have the means for separating out my flock right now if she ends up being a male; males separated from females or splitting up the females so each male gets two.
Can you post a video? I would probably give it a couple more weeks though, a couple of mine took longer to quack.

Some people here keep an all drake flock but you would need to separate them so they can't see each other, or you could get more females if it is a drake. In my opinion you shouldn't keep house ducks unless there's a medical reason to, they're supposed to be outside and ducks need to be with other ducks.
I’m actually not too sure how to upload a video on here. I’m for sure going to give it a few more weeks before I definitively start calling her a him. But it’s not looking so good right now. Haha. I actually think she is partially blind, she’s very sensitive to light on one side of her head and doesn’t always react to movement. And that eye is much smaller than her other eye.

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