Lady Kluck won't stand or walk.

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    Lady Kluck won't stand up. She has been in the coop sitting on a roost for a few days... Yesterday I noticed she hadn't moved. She was so easy to pick up she can't stand or walk. she just lays on her side. My husband and I put Lady kluck here yesterday... What should I do? I usually feed em yogurt this time of year... But I haven't recently. I think she molted I think all three of em molted at the same time. All of their combs look dried out and pale. We lost one hen earlier this summer for what seemed like no reason at all.. I hope my backyard doesn't have some mystery disease. I don't know if they were vaccinated for mareks. My 1 y/o wyandottes are from the farmer's coop so I assume they have been vaccinated and the chicken I lost earlier this year was a wyandotte.

    Lady Kluck is 3 years old. Petunia her sister is doing just fine!

    Lady kluck is eating at least she ate the bread snack I gave her yesterday.
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    I would offer her some chopped egg or tuna, and try adding warm water to a small bowl of chicken feed. Poultry vitamins may help in her water. The She could have some internal disease that has made her lose weight and feel too weak to stand. Leg or hip injuries, internal laying or egg yolk peritonitis, heart or kidney disease are a few of the common ailments. Mareks is a possibility, although symptoms are usually seen in the first 6 months of life. Molting can be hard on chickens, and some problems can really accelerate during that time. Look her skin over around her vent and elsewhere for mites and lice or their eggs. Feel of her crop to see if it feels full and puffy or hard, since it should be empty overnight. Think about worming her with Valbazen 1/2 ml orally and repeating that in 10 days. A vet could check some fresh droppings for worms or coccidiosis.
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