Lady Luck is having a Laugh!

The Kooky Kiwi

Dec 23, 2017
New Zealand, Golden Bay
So my bantam project is kicking into gear for the year (it's spring for us now).

This year I have two citron roosters (diluted gold) with a mixture of silver and gold hens.

So .. my plan was to cull all silver chicks as they can only ever be cockerels.
That leaves me with the gold chicks who could be either sex, but having removed the silver cockerels "should" mean a greater probability of the leftover chicks being hens.

That's my logic.

Also, based on the fact that currently I have one silver and one brown hen laying I would expect to get predominantly brown chicks (all brown chicks from the brown hen and 50% brown chicks from the silver hen).

Here's my results:

Round one: 5 Eggs : 5 Chicks : 4 Silvers, 1 Gold
Round two: 6 Eggs : 6 Chicks : 4 Silvers, 2 Golds

I think Lady Luck is having a laugh at my expense. Soo many silver cockerels! :barnie

The silver lining is I'm only two weeks in, I have more eggs in incubation, and hopefully the probabilities will even out over time. But still!!!
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