laid 2 eggs this month this one is bloody, would a vet put her down?

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    Mar 10, 2008
    my barred plymouth hen who has had diahrea just laid a bloody egg. I read on some other posts to give tums and a warm bath. does this sound like it applies to me? Also wondering if I should give her aspirin. Not sure how old she is, could this just be a symptom of an old hen? She has only laid two this month. the first one had a white acorn sized clump in it. the second egg is covered in blood. Does anyone know what it might cost to have a vet put her down if she is suffering? I don't think I can do it myself. Other suggestions? Thanks
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    Sep 18, 2007
    What do you mean by a bloody egg? Is the blood on the outside or is the blood inside the egg? Pics would also help.
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    Hello there,
    Is she having any other symptoms?
    Here is what I think: If these are her first eggs as a pullet or even of the season, the eggs do sometimes come out seemingly smeared with blood. This is normal, especially if she is new at this, because if her vent has never "streched" enough to lay an egg, it does sometimes break a small blood vessel when the egg comes out and is smeared with blood. (just like having a baby; the first is the worse, but any after that just get easier!) But this is nothing to worry about. She heals quickly! It does happen to some of my chickens, and eventually she will adjust to the new size and it wont happen any more!
    As for the other egg, the "acorn sized clump", it souds like it was likely just the poudery white fecal matter that might have "accidentally" come out with or on the egg. Again, it is commonly seen in new layers. Please post any other symptoms she may be having, but if she is acting fine and happy, I would not worry and bring her to the vet. I do not suggest giving aspirin. I hope this helps!!![​IMG]
    God bless and good luck, Crystalchik

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