Laid Off - Again? Really??!!

I have WHAT in my yard?

11 Years
Jun 24, 2008
Eggberg, PA
Yeah really. DH was just starting to calm down, feeling like this job was going to last right up until he could leave it to go back to his old job. Now, one of the investors has backed out putting the re-opening in jeopardy AND the new job is laying him off.

I am not terribly worried, we did OK for this last stretch.

But, I could do without the anxiety.
I'm so sorry to hear that! What a downer... The economy right now is frustrating.
I hope something works out for him ASAP. I'll be thinking good thoughts for your family!
I saw this dude the other day on TV going on and on about how the recession was over and the real thing holding the economy down was "negative consumer sentiment". He said we just needed to get on with things since "the feelings do not match the reality on the ground".

I am not sure about him, but my ground is on planet earth. USA. Things are still kinda "negative" down here. But, I am very sorry; for his sake I will try to be a little cheerier.
Well I think we're in a two economy country and the economy for the top 1% is looking pretty good right now.

As for the other 99% - meh, not so much.

Like they say its a recession when your neighbor loses his job, its a depression when you lose yours.

We figure that the CEO's bonus would have paid the annual salary of five full time workers plus benefits. But, if you don't pay them that you're "punishing success".

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