Lakenvelder coloring, tell me if I understand the calculator right??

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    Currently I have 6 lakenvelders, a trio of goldens and a trio of silvers. The silvers are 'babies' now, about 12 weeks old.

    A few weeks ago, my son's stupid dog got hold of my golden lakenvelder rooster and hurt his leg. He seems to be recovering, but he still cannot stand very well. I'm hoping he will come out of it, but I don't know. [​IMG]

    Anyway, I was checking the chicken calculator on the color combos from breeding my golden hens to a silver roo, if worse comes to worse. If I'm understanding it correctly, the chicks from a silver male to a golden female will be silver if female and gold (yellow) if male?? Then using this male (silver X gold) and breeding back to a golden hen will result in gold and silver (50/50) pullets, and yellow-gold and gold (50/50) males? And then the gold males back to a gold female will be all gold offspring? So it's only 3 generations to get back to gold? Thanks [​IMG]

    This chicken calculator is so cool! Lakenvelder colors are easy, plus it seems I can 'make' more silvers and golds that are as close to unrelated as I can get without buying totally new birds [​IMG]
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