lame 8 week SLW


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Feb 13, 2012
Hi folks,
I recently added 1 silver laced wyandotte. He has developed a strange limp on his right leg. He still hobbles around ok and pecks at the ground eats and drinks as far as I can tell. I would chalk this up to an accident except I remember that there was another sibling that was limping when I purchased this one. Could there be a disease or genetics or do you think this is a coincidence? The breeder said just bring her back and he'll get me another breed (said he didn't breed these wyandottes and just purchased from another guy getting out of the business and there may be too much inbreeding going on)...on the fence if I want to take the little booger back as I know her immediate future but I don't want problems either. Incidentally, this is my son's 3rd chicken...first turned out to be a roo, second flew the coop into my dogs waiting jaws and now a limp one...sad...I'm sure he'll be ok but hate to have to tell him he's getting another new one...Any suggestions?
by he I mean she....sad but we are not up for a handicapped chicken. I will go back to the breeder and bring another one home. Prob better for everyone...thanks!
On second thought I may wait and see. She is eating fine, walking all day and is a pleasant little chicken. Do you guys think I should wait it out a bit longer and see if she gets better? If not and she still limps but is not in pain do you think she will lay fine? We only have 3 and want to have a productive egg layer. If we think this will be hampered I will have to take her back. Please let me know your thoughts as I would like to decide if she goes back tomorrow or if I give it some time. Thanks for all the help!

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