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Nov 2, 2014
Hello all!

It's been a while since I hopped on here. I am hoping someone may be able to offer some insight into a sick gosling. I bought a tufted roman goose about 2 weeks ago (along with 2 ducks). I was feeding organic non-medicated chick starter supplemented every 3rd day with a sprinkle of nutritional yeast for added niacin. Also ACV in every other water. He seemed pretty healthy the first week. A lot of watery green poops that week but not sure if that was from him or the ducks.

Around week 2, I noticed he started laying down a lot, as if he was too weak to stand. I thought I may have been giving him too little niacin and upped the nut yeast in his food, added some kelp to his feed, and added some molasses in one dish of water (still continuing the ACV). I also gave him some bread soaked in cod liver oil. He seemed to perk up for about a day. Then all of a sudden his right leg gave out and his foot curled up. His head was also sagging like he was too weak to hold it up.

I immediately gave him one dose of nutri-drench and taped the upper part of his legs together with vet tape and used painters tape to flatten his foot. Because I was worried I was getting the niacin dosage wrong, I also switched feed to gamebird sprinkled with a pinch of kelp. I also added cod liver oil to his feed (so gamebird, pinch of kelp, dash of cod liver oil) and in his water I added some B-12.

Today he was limping around and seemed to be a little bit perkier, but is still very weak. He is getting himself to the feed and water bowl and back to the heater for bed. I do notice a combination of lime green poops, watery white and dark poops, and solid poops. Not sure which are his. I am assuming the lime green.

I am new to ducks and geese and not sure if this is a vitamin deficiency or if he contracted something. Can anyone offer any insight or suggestions?

Thank you in advance
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I would just keep doing what you are doing, but in the future, if you didn't, order your waterfowl from Holderread's. they are absolutely amazing. I ordered some Embden and Silver Appleyards last year that I had to give away and was shocked how hearty and healthy they were. I ordered some more Embdens this year and the same thing compared to other hatcheries I have experienced.
Thanks Ayam. He does seem to be getting stronger. I am not sure what the cause was...vitamin deficiency from the feed or some viral infection. Appreciate the tip on the waterfowl site. I haven't seen that breeder before but I will look into it.

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