Lame chicken, leg dislocation?

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  1. russ1111

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    Aug 11, 2013

    We rescued our little bantam from being pecked to death last week and she is recovering well from that part of her ordeal.

    However, her left leg is still lame - which we suspect was the cause of the other chickens attacking her.

    The synptoms are:
    • She won't put weight on her left leg
    • If she does, she topples over
    • We can not feel a break at all - however there does not appear to be any strength in the leg
    • While holding her, her right leg points forward, but her left leg just wants to point 45 degrees across her body to the right.

    My thoughts are dislocation - but if so it has been out for 4 days :(.

    Any comments on what might cause this "twisted leg" and if it is a dislocation is there a technique to put them back in that you can do (I used to have a shoulder that would dislocate and got quite good at instructing lay people how to relocate it safely so figure it can't be THAT hard for a chicken :) ).



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