7 Years
Jun 3, 2012
georgetown South Carolina
I have had my small flock 4 hens since last fall, when I got my chicks one listed a little to the side. As a grown up hen she is lame, one leg sticks out and she kinda drags it. She can not roost, but other than that she keep up, lays well. New problem, she has worn the feathers off her breast and has a round sore, any ideas how i can keep it clean and get it healed. I pop her breast in a bowl of water and clean it... thinking about an ace bandage ?


Flock Mistress
10 Years
Apr 15, 2009

Sounds like she has a breast blister. These are pretty common in birds that don't roost. What does she sleep in/on? I don't see why something like an ace bandage wouldn't work to stop it. Or you might want to make her a little cushion/pillow/gauze pad to cover the area and attach it with Vet Wrap. You may have better luck getting the Vet Wrap to stay in position, and when it gets dirty you can just toss it and put some more on.

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