Lame/Dislocated (?) Leg on Gosling

Discussion in 'Geese' started by cglem, Apr 9, 2012.

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    Apr 8, 2012
    We have three little goslings hatched a week ago today. We had put them in a temporary cage as an interim "transition" before we get them into a larger area. One of them got her foot stuck in the wiring on the floor. We carefully got it out (and followed up by putting plenty of straw on the floor of this said cage). But today my husband was out there and noticed she's not wanting to use that leg, but very little.

    She's still very healthy, wanting to eat and drink, and freely voices her opinions and displeasures.

    We took her out to the pasture just to watch what she'd do. She hops on her left leg, primarily dragging her right one-- and quickly falls over as a result. She tries to put weight on her right leg, but, once it gets extended to a certain point, she doesn't want to recoil it back in to her. You can tell that she wants to scratch her head with that leg, but she can't get it to her head. There is movement in the leg, just minimal.

    Maybe this will heal up on its own? We've seen that in other animals/poultry we've had. We've just never had an injury quite like this one.

    We're natural/organic people, so want to follow nature as best we can with this.



    - Cathy

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    If it was broke you would be able to wiggle it in wrong directions and would feel it broken. I will splint a broken leg with gauze around it and coban or coflex is self adhering dressing sold in horse department or something to immobilize it.
    But if it is just pulled in time and not stressing the leg it should get alright. She may have sprained it and it is just hurting her.

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