Lame Drake - Abscess? Pics

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  1. mangled

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    My Khaki Campbell Drake has suddenly came up lame, and after catching him, I see this on the bottom of his foot:



    I hope the pics are good enough, they were taken one-handed with my iPhone. Is this an abscess or bumblefoot or what am I dealing with here?

    I can do the surgery for bumblefoot if this is indeed bumblefoot, I just want opinions before I go cutting on my sweet drake.

  2. Miss Lydia

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    it could be bumble foot but there is no blk scab. even if not you should try to get the infection out, but don't squeeze it, open it enough where if the inside is yellow curdy looking stuff you use a sterile tweezers and pull it out. then wash real good with betadine /water and put something like neosporin w/o pain then gauze and vet wrap and keep him in a clean inviroment till it heals. even if it's an abscess you still need to drain it.
  3. mangled

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    That's what I was thinking.

    I'll have to have the hubby help me hold him down. Looks like my sweet drake is getting surgery for Easter. [​IMG]

  4. mangled

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    So, we performed a minor surgery on my KC drake today. No stone or lump inside, just a massive amount of yellow-green ooze. Ick. He's all ready kicked off the vet wrap 3 times. He's confined to the roo run right now, with his 2 KC hens. I'm worried he's just going to reinfect.

    The third time we wrapped it, I used duct tape and he still managed to get it off. Darn neurotic duck.

  5. allieloveschickens

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    Poor guy! Sounds pretty gross, hopefully it won't get reinfected!

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