Lame hen- now thinking paralyzed leg


9 Years
Jun 3, 2011
I have a year old golden comet hen that is limping badly. She still gets around, but slowly. The limp has progressively gotten worse over the last week.She has had a drooped tail for over a month, but the limp only showed up a week ago. The flock has undergone treatment for worms and lice lately, but the other 5 seem just fine. The lame hen has a good appetite and still roams with the others. Her feet look fine and I haven't been able to find a tender spot. Any suggestions?
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She is laying eggs regularly, but the last 2 days they have been really pale and lumpy looking. She is also pooping, but it is runny and stuck all over her butt feathers. I only wormed with Wazine, I couldn't find Valbazen locally.
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With more inspection, I think that the leg is paralyzed. She holds it out front with toes curled under when she puts weight on it. She has to put her wing down when walking to support herself. I am thinking about putting her down. Any more ideas?
She may have more than one issue. Could have a reproductive issue, considering her breed, especially (high production layer).

She could have injured her hock or have tendon damage from a fall or from the rooster (if you have one). I had a rooster who fell and injured the tendon in his leg and he began limping, then eventually, lost the use of that leg and for years, got around with his good leg, using his wings as crutches. He died recently-if you look up my threads about Zane, you'll get more info on that.

Or, could be there is some buildup of egg material and fluid in the abdomen pressing on a nerve and causing her leg to be useless. It happens that way on rare occasions.
We went ahead an put her down because of her lack of mobility. She kept falling over and it was only a matter of time before some critter got her (they are free range). She had a good last meal of mulberries and mealworms, so she went happily.

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