Lame legs?

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    Jul 2, 2011
    My polish chicken who I belive is about 6 months seems to have taken lame... her legs looked splayed (not under her when she was laying down) she was not roosting, slightly lethargic drinking and eating some however. We live in WI where it has been really really hot and humid for two days. Prior to heat she was a very fun bird chatty etc. I brought her into the house and isolated her in case it was the heat but she does not seem to be much better. However her legs seem to be under her now instead of off to the side. I have read about Mareks as well and maybe it is this? Any way to tell for sure? And what can I give her to maybe increase her energy I have read pedolyte has anyone used this?

    Any help would be so appreciated this is my daughters birds and she will be just crushed if she looses her!
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    The legs off to the sides and you describing her as lame makes me think first mareks. - if its mareks theres not alot you can do for her.

    For now until you are sure whats wrong - give electrolytes and vitamins the best kind are the ones you'll find @ the feedstore for livestock/poultry. Pedialite will work as well - but I prefer the type I can find at feedstores. Those come in packets usually and you mix -X- amount in a gallon of water.

    Check her really closely for mites/lice. any other issues? How do the eyes look? nose crusty, draining, or a foul odor? Hows her breathing? Quiet and normal or wet and slightly raspy?

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