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    We were given Lamonte about 3 weeks ago. He's a Bantam rooster. His previous owner thought he had hurt his foot hopping off of a roost...then he started getting picked on by her other 2 roosters. They pulled his head feathers out and gave him a nice sore on the top of his head.
    We kept him caged in our run for a couple of days, letting him before/after the girls were in their house, then about a week ago we made him a little run of his own off of the girls run. We did this cuz I read that having the girls seeing him on a regular basis would help them get used to him. Last Friday night I snuck him into their house after the light had been off for a couple of hours.
    The girls have pecked at him a bit, but I think he's doing good that way...
    My issue is his leg doesn't seem to be getting better at all! He drags it with the claw upside down...
    He seems to get around outside ok (not as good as the girls, but...)
    He can't get in or out of the hen house by himself...every night when I go to shut in the girls (we have a light that goes on at dusk), he's in the corner of the run & I pick him up and put him in the nesting box in the hen house....and getting him out in the morning takes 2 of us!
    I'm thinking of just putting a box under the hen house just for him that he can hobble into...
    This morning I took a better look at his foot...I did the test of putting my finger under his foot to see if the claw did a VERY little...but he was shaking too....his leg just seems to hang...
    Is it too late to try to splint the leg?
    He's eating & drinking ok and he does have a strong spirit...he definitely squaks enough!
    Thanks for any help!
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    I would also give him poultry vitamins in his water. Perhaps you could put him in a dog crate inside the coop or run for a week or two to rest the leg, then re-evaluate him weekly. Just put the crate into the coop at night, and outside during the day.
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    He might have slipped a tendon.. Sorry I don't have much advice..=(

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