Lame speckled sussex pullet-- Missouri pick up only

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    I have a speckled sussex pullet who broke her leg about 3 weeks ago and is recovering, but it's getting colder and I don't want to put her in with the rest of the flock while she's still healing as I'm afraid she's going to get her leg rebroke, and I don't really want to keep her in the garage all winter (ick). She's a good natured girl-- hatchery stock-- who just started laying. Her eggs are far from perfect, but my husband's woodworking projects are really freaking her out in the garage with the saw. She was hatched in May. I was hoping some backyard chickens type of person might have a better place for her than me, and I don't want her to go to someone's crockpot since she is a good girl and starting to lay, she's just lame and will need to be protected in a smaller enclosed area from predators and other mean chickens. I'm asking $5 to make sure she doesn't just go to someone's crockpot. Local pick up only, or can deliver within 30 miles of Jefferson City.

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