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    I have 8 three month old Guineas that I snatched up when momma Guinea strolled thru the front lawn showing them off. Had a family death that took me out of town for several weeks, leaving my critters in my fellas care. One of the young Guineas was wobbling around in the brooder, both knee joints swollen, and both feet were kinda turned to the outside of its feet if you can follow what I'm trying to say. My fella said one day it just started hobbling around. He did put it in a different brooder with three younger birds but could still see its brothers and sisters. I don't know what to do for him...any help or advice would be welcome. It's going on two weeks, he thinks, that the Guinea has been like this. guessing he's in pain .. what do I need to do? If putting him out of his misery is best, then that will happen but if there's a way of fixing him I'd try that first.... Thanks in advance..
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    Sorry to hear about this problem... I can't offer you any advice on his symptoms as I've never experienced them with any of my birds. This was posted on BYC forum back a few years, but it appears they never got a diagnosis. I sometimes use Epsom Salts as a soak, just to relieve or draw out pain, but I don't know what to tell you about the cause. It may be that you will need to put him down, especially if he is in pain and if his lack of mobility continues, he'll be prone to pneumonia. Good luck.....

    hi, we are having a similar problem with four of eight of our turkeys. they are not quite two months old. we've had turkeys before and never encountered this. the "knee" is a bit swollen and the leg is bent-but only on one side. this results in the turkey unable to walk on that foot and ends up hobbling. what began as a limp has progressed to an inability to walk. the turkey who is the most severely affected will attempt to stand and then sit back down. is it pain, frustration? we've looked on line for some possible causes but nothing fits their symptoms. how is your turkey? any help would be greatly appreciated, our hearts are breaking watching these poor dears...
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    This happened to one of my guineas. When Dawny was 11 days old he started walking around on his hocks (lower backward-facing 'knees') which were kinda swollen looking and his feet sticking out to the sides.

    2 years later found out it's due to a slipped tendon due to a shortage in manganese passed down from his parents. And it can actually be fixed! It was too late for dawn but if yours is only 3 months, he might be able to be fixed.

    Take a look at this

    Good luck!

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