Langshan lovers: chick question.s,


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12 Years
Feb 22, 2007
Had a batch of eggs sent to us, mostly Langshan crosses, but with the possibility of one pure black Langshan amongst them. The chick in question is a day old now, but MAN is he tall! So tall that I had to remove it from the incubator early because his head kept bumping into the hot wire. (I'm sure he's disbudded by now!).

Only other thing, he's a shrimp! His incubator mates a Red broiler, is a little chunk, and an Americauna, more standard size, but still a fat little cherub in comparison. This guy/gal is pint size in body mass, but is really, really tall - and prefers to sleep standing up. Has big intentions though. (wants to be with the older chicks adjacent). Sound like a true blue Langshan to you? Despite it's long legs, shouldn't it have a more standard body size? Will it fill out more?

Of the batch, we're hoping to select a male that will produce sizable offspring for meat, and are hoping that Langshan, or Lanshan cross will provide a nice frame with lots of leg to fill. At this point however, I'm wondering if this one is legit (purebred). Pretty new to this breed.


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