Large amount of watery discharge with laying an egg??

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    I have an 8 month old Ameraucana who just started laying about 2 weeks ago. Today was her 5th egg. When she lays afterwards all her feathers under her vent, down about 5 inches and 3 inches wide are dripping wet. It's just appears to be a clear fluid, but a large amount of it. She's lately been laying every second day so I checked her this morning and made sure her vent feathers were normal. I watched her jumping in and out of the nests on my nest cam so I know there was no wet feathers. I came into the coop to see her stand up and drop out her egg, followed by this clear fluid. Every time so far that she's laid an egg I've had to take her inside to rinse her off and blow dry her because I am in Canada and it's been very cold. This fluid freezes up on her. Anyone ever seen this before? I know they deposit a coating of bloom on their eggs...could this be just an excessive amount? I have 16 hens and never saw this before. I am hoping it's just a "new to laying eggs" problem with her, but anyone ever experienced this before?
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    Honestly I wouldn't worry about it. This was probably just a slip-up in the whole egg development process, she's still pretty new to it after all. The clear fluid is probably the white from a egg that went wonky - I've seen it in my hens. But I would add some calcium carbonate to their feed to help with shell quality and overall health, and make sure you keep her butt clean.

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