LARGE BLACK Growths on our chicken's comb, wattles, and mouth- Please Help?!? S.O.S!!!!

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    Hi Eveybody, we need some big time help. Our 1 year old chicken, Jen, started having some black dots appear on her comb and wattles about 3 weeks ago and I figured they were foul pox and the pox and spots would begin to clear on their own. That hasn't happened- in fact, it's been just the opposite! The black spots have grown and spread everywhere there is non-feathered skin, including one spot on her mouth that is so large it's caused her beak to cross and two large spots on her eyes that she now can't open.

    In my research, the closest match to anything similar I found was necrotic dermatitis which called for broad spectrum antibiotics. I started giving her a dose of keflex appropriate to her weight about 5 days ago and we are seeing no improvement at all.:hit

    We have looked and looked here and online and I'm just at a loss for what it is and what to do. The only time she eats is if I hold up the water and food dishes up to her beak so she can feel them there and then she'll take a little bit. She has been kept away from our other flock memebers who are doing perfectly well- no problems whatsoever. But our sick girl just stays in her quiet and cool little room by herself and since she can't see she doesn't want to move except to be held which she loves. Peacefull, but not when we want the quality of her life to be great.

    What can I do for this girl? This chickie girl was the only gift my son wanted and he is deeply attached to her but if she is suffering or not likely to ever get better then it's time to say goodbye and have her put down.

    Please, BYCers, help me know what we are facing and what we can do or if it's time to let Jen go?
    I've included some pics so you can see how large and black and awful these growths are for her. Thank you for any help, support, knowledge, or insight you can offer. A million thanks!!!

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