Large breed hens bullying my bantam!

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    Jun 14, 2013
    I have three large breed hens (Barred Rock, 2 Rhode Islands) and one Sebright bantam hen. We have two Sebright roosters, they each have paired up with two hens a piece. My flock was a year old in May. They have all seemed like a happy flock together from the beginning with the exception that my bantam hen is obviously the low hen in the pecking order. She eats and drinks last and takes a few pecks every now and then. All of which I chalked up to normal chicken behavior. They never really hurt her just always reminded her of her role in the flock. Until a couple of weeks ago.... My bantam is paired with my Barred Rock and she was always relatively sweet to my bantam. Allowing her to sleep on the perch up under her wing so stay warm. Now she has turned into a complete bully and pecks at her continuously. Chasing her away from treats and keeping her some what isolated from the flock. The worst is, she won't let her roost at night. She pecks at her and knocks her down. The last two nights my bantam has started roosting at night in a large pine next to the coop. My bantam seems perfectly healthy and is a sweet little girl and this breaks my heart. We live in the country in Michigan with many predators and I know that her current predicament will no doubt get her killed if I can't reconnect her to the flock and the safety of the coop. With winter approaching I'm afraid she will freeze. Should I place her in the coop and allow the others to bully her? Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

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    Get her a seperate isolation area. Somewhere where warm and quiet, away from your bully birds. Try a crate or large box with food and water

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