Large bumps on Dark Cornish chicks


8 Years
Mar 17, 2011
We got a batch of 10 Dark Cornish chicks in from Murray McMurray about 3 weeks ago and we have notice that half of them have HUGE lumps on their chest. This is the first year we have had this type of chickens. Is this normal for the breed or should we be concerned? Has anyone else had this problem or seen this problem before? Anything will help us thank you.
Cornish are supposed to have really wide breasts, they sometimes look funny compared to other chickens, especially with full crops. is the Feathersite page for them. Look at some of the side pictures further down the page. Is this what your chicks are looking like in the front? If not, can you post pictures?

This is my lil guy that has the biggest bump. Its only on one side. Its about the size of a quarter.
That looks like a full crop to me. It should get bigger as he eats and get smaller overnight. If you are free feeding them you might want to take the food away overnight and see if they all look small tomorrow. Are they on chick starter (and grit if you are feeding them anything else)?

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