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    Nov 13, 2015
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    This Spring will be my first clutch of babies that I will be raising myself, and will be receiving an order of 25 chicks. Do you have any recommendations as to the best "diy" brooders for this many chicks? I'm leaning towards the kiddie pool concept with cardboard boxes along the perimeter. However, would one be big enough for this many chicks once they begin to get some size on them? I'm trying to plan out brooder size for the entire duration, all the way up until they are big enough to move over into the main coop. Any recommendations? Thoughts?
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    I use smaller versions of the Ohio Brooder.
    I raise them right in one of the coops. The full size Ohio Brooder will do 200 chicks or more. Mine will do 75-100 each.
    IMO, they're the ideal way to raise chicks. Somewhat simulating a large hen. Providing a warm spot for chicks to warm up and plenty of cool space.
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