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Large chicken coop +run for sale in southern California

Discussion in 'Coop & Run - Design, Construction, & Maintenance' started by jobailey25, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. jobailey25

    jobailey25 In the Brooder

    Im trying to sell this large chicken coop with large run. I am very proud of my BYC and very sad to let it all go. BYC has given me a sense of acomplishment and the forums on here are so great and it make me feel a part of something thats my very own. i recently had a big change in my life and i have to start over. I had to move and unfortunatly i could not take the girls with me.
    my girls were very happy and more like pets. all the ladys are gone now and the rooster is also.

    This was a coop all made by hand it was my DIY project with help and so much resurch from this forum.
    So if you or anyone else you know needs a large coop and is willing to pick up or travel to the San Fernando valley, in Southern California please email me. [email protected]

    I hope that it will make your girls very happy too.
    It will fit up to 20 chickens comfortably. would be great on farm i had a 1/2 arce.

    COOP is 10-12 ft H, 8 ft wide and about 4 deep.
    off ground with window on either side. Big barn door for access.
    4 12x10 boxes for laying each has out side access doors for egg collecting.
    there are two roost and Inside roost can be modified
    chicken access door can be closed at night both doors have locks

    THE RUN is made of 10 (6x4) 2 (2x4) panels, that can be moved and put in any shape. picks speak for themselves.
    some pick are from the construction but it has a good roof no leaks we use roofing material. side windows are stationary for sun. but can be changed out for hotter weather, it is very well made.
    serious buyers only price is negotiable.
  2. Itzachicken

    Itzachicken Hatching

    Mar 16, 2016
    Do you still have this? How much are you asking?

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