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  1. Does anyone have any plans for a large coop ( about 20 x 20) that would incorporate about 3 breeding pens? I can't seem to figure out a good layout with all the doors, nesting boxes, feeders, etc needed. I need some ideas.


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    Depends on what size of bird your breeding pens are for. Standards? Banties? Do you want to have your hens hatch the eggs or will you be incubating? Will you have brooders? What kind of weather will you be delaing with? Lots of factors determine layout beyond size of the main building. Give us some details.
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    Check out the coop pages. You'll get lots of ideas there.
  4. Quote:I have standard size Barnevelders. I want to improve the breed so i need to be able to do some selective breeding. I doubt there will be much broodiness, so I will be incubating eggs. I would also want to use the breeding pens as brooder areas for chicks of different ages. We have a lot of horrible weather. Windy and cold, rainy too, lots of snow. There are a lot of plans out there but I can't find any with breeding pens. They will not be free ranging, so there will be fenced in areas all around the coop. For some reason i can't find plans like this, maybe I'm just not searching the right way?
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    Some nice set up's I've seen for breeding pens:


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