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    Mar 4, 2010
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    Because of an unexpected move, I'm selling my entire flock of Toulouse. Toulouse are grey geese that can reach weights of 30 lbs or more. They are recognized by the ALBC as a threatened breed, especially the Buff variation which counts for less then 15% of the entire population.

    I am selling a pair of Toulouse from Holderread's Elite Show quality lines. They are almost 6 years old, and are proven breeders. They have produced beautiful, big goslings with great coloration. They are not super friendly, and will not eat out of your hand or walk directly to you, but they do not mind people and will eat near you. They are really devoted to each other, and I would recommend keeping them as a pair, although the male will accept a third goose, he will not accept a replacement for his mate.

    They have both won many awards at shows. At the local Tri-county fair they have won champion ribbons and best waterfowl several times.

    At the PPBA show in Stockton, a huge show, they did extremely well. Out of about 22 geese, 12 or so being in the Junior division, the gander won Junior Reserve Grand Champion Goose, Junior Reserve Grand Champion Heavy Goose, and RB. His Goose won Junior Grand Champion Goose, Junior Grand Champion Heavy Goose and BB. There were several other Toulouse and a few Africans present at the show.


    They are available for pick up in the Bakersfield/Tahoe area in central CA. I can also ship them if needed.

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    Jul 4, 2011
    too bad your not closer, i'de take them

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