Large, fatty lumps in Black Australorp necropsy

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    Our 3yo Black Australorp, Petunia, died this evening. She had been lethargic for a week, and her comb had shrunken and faded. I thought she was going to molt. This morning she wouldn't come out of the coop. When I took her out, she sat down and the others started picking at her. I put her in a large dog carrier and tried to keep her comfortable and hydrated during the day. When I went out to close the coop this evening, she had passed. She had been eating up until yesterday, and her crop was not emptied this morning. Her vent was clear, but I felt a large mass on the other side of the membrane. When I necropsied her tonight, she had 3 larger-than-an-egg masses around the outside of the cloaca. They were light yellow and layers upon layers. What were these? I also looked thru the intestines and did not find any worms. The other 3 chickens seem to be fine. Thoughts?
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    Sorry for your loss. She probably was an internal layer. Those masses were layers of egg material, and this is pretty common--sometimes they pass them (called a lash egg) and sometimes they die before passing them. I'll give you some links to read that may explain this better than I can:

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