Large feather loss

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    Oct 24, 2007
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    We have a bantam hen who recently started loosing lots of feathers, especially on her stomach. I took some pictures, and in the 5 minute process she lost about 8 feathers, so she is molting very badly, and I feel it is probably worse than normal molting. The first photo is of her stomach, and the other is of her wing.
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    I agree with you, looks like molt. Molts vary greatly. Sometimes they only lose a few feathers, some only lose tail feathers. My EE lost her beard only. Two years ago one of my BR's lost most of her feathers, looked like she was ready for the oven lol. Dont worry about it, the feathers will eventually grow out. You can feed her gamebird feed which has extra protein, 22%+ vs 16-18% layer feed. It will help the new feathers grow out faster. If you havnt done so already, check her lice/mites just in case.

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