Large flock of ducks for sale. NW MO. NPIP AI clean.


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I regret to say that I finally am downsizing my flocks. I hate to get rid of any birds, but they are taking up too much money and time. I am willing to ship adults if someone wants to pay for it. I can ship to most states but certain states have different regulations on older birds than dayolds. Please let me know what state you are from when inquiring about shipping birds so I can make sure I am allowed to send into your state. We are NPIP certified free of Pullorum and Avian Influenza.


Our ducks come primarily from Sandhill, Holderreads, and Metzer farms. In addition to the breeders I have a few ducklings of many of the kinds listed below that I would like to sell as well.
Mallards. 2 males and 7 females. They are laying extremely well right now. Eggs have been 100% fertile thus far and hatch extremely well. They are all capable of flying as well as wild ducks. $100.00 for the flock.
Cayugas. One male and eight females. Drake is from Holderreads. Females are from Metzers. Very pretty birds. Laying well right now. $130.00 for the flock.
Fawn and White Runners. These are from Metzer stock. They are pretty nice birds. Laying very well. 2 males and 10 females. $140.00 for the flock.
Anconas. Two males and 6 females. Very good layers. $120.00 They are all black and white spotted.
Golden Cascades. Another really good laying duck. I think they are very pretty. Two males and four females. A mix of Holderreads and Sandhill stock. $120.00 for the group.
White Crested. Two drakes and three females. Very cute ducks. Also currently laying. $50.00
Pekin. Two drakes and eight females. One of my favorite breeds due to their disposition. Laying well right now. $100.00

Pm me with any questions or for pictures.
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May 21, 2015
@houndit that wouldn't work for me I don't have enough room for that many. If there is any other way we can work this out let me know. I understand you want to keep them want but 20 is just to much

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