Large fowl and bantams


7 Years
Apr 1, 2012
After a bad hatching, i have just two chicks - 3 day old chocolate orpintons. I want to introduce more chicks - 3 more - to raise them and then keep.

A guy local to me is selling chicks the same age, but they are Silver laced wyndottes and are large fowl.

I have read a load of posts about mixing them but not really any wiser.

Will these breeds get on?
Can i introduce them during brooding period?

im sure they can. although i dont have any experience with bantams. i read alot. me and my family have 3 barred rocks and 1 golden sexlink. we are probably going to add a couple of RIRs and other breeds. some breeds get along. hope this helps.
I have 3 BRs, 2 Leghorns, and 5 bantams - they all get along great! (granted, they all came home on the same day)
Thanks folks. I guess the brooding period is a good time to get them together. Hopefully everything will go to plan :)

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