LARGE FOWL Barn Yard FERTILE Hatching Eggs


7 Years
Oct 13, 2012
BARN FULL OF Easter Eggers, Olive Egger, Black Copper Maran, (dark brown eggs), Cuckoo Maran, Rhode Island Red, White Leghorn mix (cream eggs) Black, Red, Stars, White and Buff Brahama eggs. Selling for $10.50 a dozen plus shipping cost $11.50. I will also ship the true breeds with the mixed eggs..
I will send more than enough EXTRA'S in your order. They are friendly birds, we have smaller children and will not accept anything in our flock that is not. You will love the colors of the eggs dark chocolate, olive green, light cream, light brown, med. brown, pinkish in color, and at times light blue eggs. EGGS are fertile from large fowls. True Rhode Island Reds, EE's, Buff Brahama, Black Copper and Buff Maran-others mixed. Questions and orders PLEASE PM me. You will love these eggs and the baby chicks that they hatch/produce. I will ship out immediately. YOU Will love them!!! PM me for orders or to ask any questions. Shipping or pick up from NC Statesville area.
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