large fowl cockerel with bantams

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by silversniper, Nov 11, 2011.

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    Oct 5, 2011
    Hello I'm still new to chicken keeping, just wanted to ask.

    I have a 12 week old light Sussex cockerel large fowl I tried re-homing him, but I live in London so it's not easy, I've given up on it now.

    After 2 months on a waiting list the farm is finally delivering to my city.

    My question is can I get all bantam pullets and keep them with the cockerel? They will be 10 week olds.
    Or will I have to get large fowl pullets only? They only sell 6 month old so will the pullets be too big for the cockerel?

    Please share your thoughts

  2. Ogress

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    Quote:I had a bantam rooster and hen in their own eglu. I put 6 week old chicks is with him; 2 were LF giant cochin pullets and the others were bantam cochin cockerals and a pullet; and they all did fine - Not sure if it would work the other way as my LF cockerals which I keep in another coop with most of my LF hens are much more, hmmm Frisky?

    I keep my bantams in an eglu cube inside a 10' X 10' covered dog kennel. I closed off the area under the cube with hardware cloth to make a temporary home for the new birds; I put my Brinsea Electric hen in there with them. The chickens got used to each other through the wire, and now they all hang out together. The Giant Cochins get no action as the bantams would need a ladder! I was going to move the Giant Cochins to my LF coop, but they are more interested in hanging out with the little guys they grew up with. The only one who ever has shown any distress about the situation is the old Bantam hen, she chases everyone off when she wants food or water. They all respect her. She is Queen of the Coop.

    Good Luck!
  3. gryeyes

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    My flock is comprised of both bantam and LF chickens of lots of different breeds. The LF boys do mount the bantam pullets unless the dominant rooster, a LF Easter Egger, puts a stop to it. Or the geese, because they break up all encounters involving any squawking. Once they are mature, the bantam girls are fine enough unless one of the really large cockerels or roosters mount them. But then the girls squawk and the geese break up the unions.

    But that's just my flock....
  4. sourland

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    Whether or not a large fowl rooster can be run with bantam hens depends upon the nature of the rooster. Some roosters are just too aggressive and large to mate bantam hens without causing injury - others do fine.

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