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    Anyone working on projects to get a Large fowl fibro Chicken? Possibly a good layer too? Most of the fibro breeds are from asia and they have substatially smaller birds when comparing to the American breeds. I have some silkies and some Ayam cemani hybrids I plan to cross with my jersey giant pullet in the spring and some Rhode Island hens or orpingtons that i hope to aquire soon. Just curious.I know 'Beer Can' here on BYC is working on Giant silkies.
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    May 15, 2015
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    Hey, how's your breeding project going? I'm planing on breeding a fibro chicken to English Orpingtons. I'm aiming for a big fibro bird that is also a good layer.
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    Dec 5, 2015
    The black bone trait is a complicated polygentic trait and is dependent upon the inheritance of a sex-linked gene called dermal melanin. (dm) Along with the Fm locus. To keep things simple, treat the Fm locus like an incompletely dominant gene.

    white skinned chickens with slate legs carry dermal melanin (d m)
    yellow or white legged chickens do not carry dermal melanin
    green or black legs may or may not carry dermal melanin

    when doing crosses for the black bone trait use a male that completely expresses black bone trait - this ensures that the male can pass on at least on dm gene to some of the males and to some of the females, females with dm can only pass on one dm gene to the male offspring , the female offspring do not inherit a DM gene from the mother.

    No DM No black bone trait

    two dm genes in males + other required genes = black bone
    females can only carry one dm gene + other required genes = black bone
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    May 2, 2016
    So if a fibro rooster is bred to a DM carrying hen all babies will be fibro? Also are breeds DM carrying or not, (say black Australorp, are all DM carrying or you don't know until you hatch out eggs from each hen)?
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    So if a fibro rooster is bred to a DM carrying hen all babies will be fibro?

    No, the offspring will not inherit the correct number of loci to have fibro. They will be darker than other birds but not like a fibro.

    Any bird that has slate legs carries dermal melanin, some birds with green legs carry dermal melanin and some birds with black legs carry dermal melanin. You can check the center of a birds foot to determine if it has dermal melanin. The center ( on bottom of foot) of a black foot will be white- no dermal melanin, The center of a green foot yellow no dermal melanin.
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    Jun 1, 2017
    Are black sumatras potential carriers of DM then? Just as a project to mess around with I am wanting to cross the Swedish Black Hen (similar to the Cemani, just cold hardier) with a sumatra.
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    ok so if you have a yellow leg bird it does not carry dm originally. If you cross a full fibro bird with a yellow leg will some offspring then have half the genes necessary? you would then cross the female chicks back to their fibro father for full genes in the next generation?
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    Hi Aprildawn9, sorry for posting without an answer to your question. I wondering myself how all of it works in regard to crossing to a bird without dermal melanin.
    I am working with svarthonas, BBS ameraucanas, and BBS Langshans, hoping to eventually get a large fowl fibro dual purpose bird. I hatched out a couple Ameraucana Svarthona image.jpeg crosses, Ameraucana mother, and they both have fibro characteristics. The father is mulberry, these have some white toes, but their skin is definitely dark grey.
    I am also wondering if I can get any fibro expression when I cross to the Langshans, as they have slate legs but white feet bottoms?
    Also, like Aprildawn9, wondering if I cross back to their father if that will give more expression?
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