Large Fowl Langshan Pairs (White, Blue, Black, Splash) N CA


11 Years
Apr 28, 2010
Camino, CA
Large fowl Langshan pairs for sale 21 weeks old. Hatched on June 2 from eggs from Pawhead Poultry. Vaccinated for Merek's. $40/pair.

Langshans are tall stately birds with feathered legs. They are gentle and inquisitive birds who are excellent foragers. These birds are young and not developed enough to show the beautiful wine glass shape that they should have when fully developed. We have one pair of whites available. We also have splash pullets and your choice of a blue cockerel, a black cockerel, or a splash cockerel to make a pair. If you would like an extra cockerel or two for back up, we have those for a discounted price. PM with any questions!

Pick up at Cheryl Cohen's The Omelet Ranch located in the East San Francisco Bay area.
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