Large Fowl Welsummer Eggs...egg photos added.

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    I have collected 10 eggs as of today and should have 12 by tomorrow that can be shipped out on Tuesday morning the 19th of April.
    These are the eggs that will be sent along with any extras the girls give tomorrow.

    In effort of saving time please see this link for photos of my birds and eggs. The link also tells you more about my birds in the first post.
    more photos please visit my BYC page.

    Thanks for looking and I will be checking back in in the morning and answering questions if anyone has any.

    Payments accepted directly through paypal. Winning bidder should make payment promptly as soon as auction closes as I will be shipping first thing Tuesday AM. My paypal is [email protected] [​IMG] please be very precise in shipping instructions and address. Also, please provide your shipping information (including address) in an additional private message to me.

    I ship priority mail with USPS and I wrap my eggs like I would like to see them wrapped as if it were me opening the box. They are packaged with love and great care.
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    This woman is the most amazing shipper. Order with confidence!!!!
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    Quote:X2 [​IMG]

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