large patch of skin gone advise please

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    Jun 8, 2012
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    Discovered one of my hens has been attack by something ? Has lost a large patch of skin ~ totally gone ~from the middle of her back down to the thigh area. 5" long 5" wide basically She was this way about two or three days before I found it as most all of the damage is UNDER HER WING. She must of been in flight when this happened. Have brought her inside, bath tub, large towel, heating pad. Much to my surprise there is, at this point not visable infection, no oder. I have put Triple antibotic with pain releaver on it twice. She seems to be in very little pain and eats like a horse. Ate entire hardboiled egg with mealworms last night. Didn't have any electrolites (T.S. is always out of something) so I gave her some Pediatric electrolyte liquid. I think she might live but I am very concerned about the damage under her wing down in the thigh area. It needs to dry out. There will be not skin to cover a large portion of her side ???? Sorry can't post pictures but maybe I can figure a way to do so later. ANY advise would be greatly appreciated.
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    Since it isn't the first day after the injury don't use hydrogen peroxide as that will kill newly forming cells - use betadine instead. That will do the same thing without damage.
    Flush the wound with saline then put the betadine on, then Campho-Phenique which has anti-microbial properties but also a pain killer. Then put the triple antibiotic ointment on it. Re-treat at least daily.
    I really don't think you want it to dry out. With the above treatment the cells will grow back quickly.
    Hardboiled or scramble eggs are good nutrition but a grower feed will also give her all the essential nutrients she needs.
    Additional protein(eggs etc.) and vitamins can't hurt.
    Plain yogurt will give probiotics and protein.
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    Jul 24, 2013
    You seem to be doing a pretty good job so far. However, I wouldn't use that antibiotic ointment-- the painkillers in ointments can be harmful to chickens.Try to find some antibiotic ointment without painkillers.
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    When one of my hens lost some skin to an eagle, I cleaned the wound with generic betadine, and sprayed it with Blu-Kote. I found she ate better if she was near her flock, so I had her outside in a wire crate during the day. She could see them, but they couldn't hurt her. She was free ranging with them in a week. In addition to being an antiseptic, the Blu- Kote helps disguise the wound. It's purple.

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