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Feb 27, 2019
North Texas
I'm new to injured chickens. She was attacked by a dog and has ripped skin. I’m reading a lot of conflicting information and just want to help her survive. We’ve cleaned it with Vetricyn and applied Aquaphor to the featherless areas and neosporin on the wounded areas. We’ve offered electrolyte water and scrambled eggs. She’s not eating or drinking just yet, but it’s only been a couple of hours.

What else can I do? Do I stitch her up?? Or does that lock in bacteria?? I’m so confused. I appreciate any constructive guidance!!

How is she doing?

The vetericyn and triple antibiotic ointment are good to use. Did you check all her well for any hidden puncture wounds?

No, I would not stitch anything, leave it like it is, using the Vetericyn and triple antibiotic ointment.
She may be in shock, so keep her relatively warm 75-80F. Try to encourage her to drink, if she doesn't eat for a day or so, that's not that important, but staying hydrated is.

Keep her somewhere where flies can't get onto the wounds, they will lay eggs and maggots will emerge in a short period of time - this is FlyStrike, the maggots will infest the wound and cause infection.
My New Hampshire Red hen, who is now named Courage :))), was attacked by a fox. She had two very large cuts on her back where the incisors cut her. I cleaned her up and applied Neosporin several times a day. I also put a saddle on her to prevent any roosters from hurting her more. She is now recovered and perfectly healthy. Good luck to your girl and you!

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