large Rosecomb bantam????


Jun 21, 2018
QLD Australia
After the passing of my beloved old Wyandotte hen my husband decided to purchase a new hen to try and cheer me up. He went to a produce store that gets in various poultry from local breeders and brought home a chicken.
I asked him what info he got about her and he said "I didn't ask any of that, I said I'll take the black one because you didn't have a black chook yet" :lau
Anyway visually she appears to be a Rosecomb bantam but she's huge!! I didn't think much of it while she was in quarantine but as soon and she was introduced to my flock I noticed how she was no where near as small as any of my bantams and was closer to the size to my large fowl. I have looked at soooo many pictures which show small birds then look at Diva strutting around looking like a black leghorn.
Now to the point of this post.. she's a Rosecomb bantam right?

Lone photo

This is a photo of her next to a 5-6 month old Barnevelder
DSC_0283 (2).JPG

next to photos are with a cranky Pekin bantam and a Polish

They're not all that common here in the US. But they may be in Australia. She is quite nice, somebody down there is breeding some.
According to the Rare Breeds Trust Of Australia they are classed as endangered here.
I might ask if they have any info on the person who brought her in (FX they still have the info) and/or do a bit of snooping to see if I can locate more hens and possibly a rooster
If they are endangered and you have the space. It'd be very helpful to the breed its self to help grow the population. Plus Minorcas are great layers and fairly decent meat birds being one of the largest Mediterranean breeds.

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