large silver rooster.... just gorgeous....what breed do you think?


9 Years
Jun 13, 2010
Spanish Springs, NV
saw this on Hazel Ave in Fair Oaks, CA (by Sacramento) made dh take pictures (I was driving)!

We are in a dodge Durango taking this picture - you can tell on the second photo the size by comparing it to the cars in the bottom right. It is probably 15 feet tall.

told the husband, "I want one".


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For those that don't know it, Fair Oaks has a large "unclaimed" chicken population. (I don't wanna call 'em "feral.") They wander anywhere and everywhere, downtown, into shops, snacking on bits of food at sidewalk restaurants, etc.. The city hosts a Chicken Festival each year, too.

And "History of chickens in Fair Oaks: While orange and citrus groves from the early 1900s have been replaced by homes, chickens continue to roam freely throughout town as they have for over 100 years. Featured in People Magazine and the subject of television, radio and newspapers stories, chickens that roam in Fair Oaks village delight visitors who flock from around the globe to feed and take pictures of them. The Fair Oaks Chicken Festival is a celebration of the rural history and present village atmosphere in Fair Oaks, California, colonized around 1895."
Oh, that's awesome! I live only about an hour from Sacramento, I kind of want to go hunt down the giant rooster now! Maybe I will sometime when I'm in Sacramento area.
I've been meaning to go to that chicken festival for a few years now, but I always forget until after it's over! One of these years I have to actually make it to it--it sounds so fun and of course right up my alley!
Now this is a chicken my husband and I can agree is nice
He is a blacksmith, and hates when the chickens poop in his shop. But he tolerates them because of the eggs.

Humm Christmas is coming and I know there is a bunch of stainless steel in his shop just lying around.

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