Large Tapeworm In Chicken, Do I Need To Worm Remaining Birds?

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    Mar 21, 2010
    Yesterday I butchered seven of our 21 week old red stars and inside one of them I found a large tape worm. It was a half inch in diameter, white, about five inches long and took the entire size and shape of the intestine. I've never seen a tapeworm inside a bird, trying to give the best description. The other six birds had nothing unusual inside them and looked to be perfectly healthy. We have eighteen remaining birds. Do I need to worm them, take a stool sample into the vet, or treat this as an isolated incident? If I do need to worm them, how do I go about it and with what product? And with what dosage? Thank you for your time; your help is very much so appriciated!!
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    Valbazen will kill just about all worms including tapeworms. Dosage is one half cc/ml for standard size chickens, one quarter cc/ml for smaller chickens. Squirt it down their throats using a syringe. It can be purshased from jeffers livestock online or you can call them. It is a cattle/sheep wormer. Retreat in 10 days...discard eggs during worming.

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