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    Hi all

    I am having a large flock reduction sell to cut down on what I have now and make room for a few upcoming breeds.

    I have the all some of all ages from chicks to grown adults, prices for adults will be $10 each and the are pick up only.

    Right now I have the following

    Barred Rocks, 8 hens and 2 roosters
    Buff Orps 8 hens and 2 roosters
    Partridge Rocks 4 hens and 1 rooster
    SL Wyandottes 2 hens
    RI Whites 3 hens
    BC Marans 2 hens 1 rooster ( sold as trio only)
    Easter eggers 3 gold hens, 2 silver hens, and 1 silver rooster ( silver hens and rooster as a trio only)
    Speckled Sussex 2 roosters

    And I also have various other chicks of these breeds ranging from a week to 3 weeks, to a two months, and about 4 months.

    And I also have two Royal Palm turkey hens for sale. sold together only for $75 for both.

    And also I have 2 pairs of seramas, one pair is black mottled and one has a black hen and a brown red colored rooster. $20 per pair.

    Again, pick up only and please PM or email me with any other questions and pricing and avaiability on the younger birds.

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