Large White Silkie Rooster (Walhalla, South Carolina) ***Will ship within reason

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    Nov 7, 2014
    Good evening everyone,

    I purchased my first set of silkie chickens from tractor supply this past year and unfortunately one of them is a rooster, which I cannot keep due to a neighbor who does not like the crowing. The silkie rooster is approximately 1 year old and he is fully grown. He seems large to me for a silkie and his comb doesn't look like a walnut comb that I've seen on-line, so I am thinking he isn't the best bred (it was tractor supply after all). I am sure other silkie owners will know more about this than me.

    He is very sweet to me and lets me pick him up at night when he is perching, but he is a little squirrely to catch during the day when he is running around with his ladies. However, once you catch him, he will let you hold him as long as you like and doesn't try to bite you or scratch you. He isn't aggressive towards me at all, but he HATES one of my hens. She is a 4 year old standard sized Easter Egger and he literally wants to kill her and I do not know why. I have young bantam cochin and araucana/EE cockerels out with him and also other various breed hens and pullets (Seramas to large Barred Rock) that he doesn't have any problems with at all. He even feeds the other cockerels like they were all apart of his flock but whenever that one EE comes near him he tries to chase her down. I am worried for her safety so I have had to separate him until I figure out what I should do.

    I am a wimp and cannot cull him and he is really sweet to me, which makes that an even harder for me to do. My dogs and the surrounding hawks have offered to help, but I think that is inhumane so I am really hoping someone out there is in need of a large white silkie rooster :) I will drive within reason to deliver him and would actually prefer to meet someone at a public location for safety and biosecurity reasons. Oh, I did vaccinate him for Mareks but it was after the 36 hour period so take that for whatever it is worth. It made me feel better.

    Here are some pictures of him...


    Thank you for looking!

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