Largest an irresponsible chicken owner can get a BROILER!?!?!?!

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    My lack of chicken experiance led me to believe it was foolish to grow broilers past 8weeks or the flock would start dying of heart failure and having leg problems.

    If I started out with 30 broilers and only 1 survived to 6months just because im to lazy to put them out of their misery yeah your all right.... Im not irresponsible.
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    Yes, they can easily get to 20 pounds and I don't see anything irresponsible about it.

    Irresponsible chicken owners don't feed or water or clean. There isn't anything irresponsible about keeping a healthy Cornish Cross chicken for years.
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    They can live a number of months, even over a year, maybe two if on a restricted diet and "forced" to move about. As long as they are healthy, with a bright comb, ability to stand... they can get quite big and chunky. Some have kept hens long enough to lay even. That said, for the average person, it's usually more feed, time, and work... and poop than it's worth to keep one.
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    Please explain how raising a bird to that point is irresponsible. At the six month point the skeleton and organ systems should be catching up with the rest of the body and result in a bird that should be able to survive for an extended period. In the late 1800s Black's Jersey Giant were bred to be caponized and raised to the 20ish pound mark. There's nothing irresponsible about keeping a chicken alive until it dies of natural causes.
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